Young Zigner

Creative Brief

Simplicity is the ultimate tool of sophistication

As the CEO of the startup Young Zigner, I led the company’s vision and direction while actively spearheading web development and product design initiatives. One of the notable projects during my tenure was the Wer2 app. In this dynamic role, I played a key part in shaping the overall strategy and overseeing the implementation of innovative designs.


My responsibilities encompassed not only leadership and strategic decision-making but also hands-on involvement in the technical and creative aspects of the projects, contributing to the success and growth of Young Zigner.




Web Development, Web Design,  UI/UX Design, Art Direction


Young Zigner

The Young Zigner LOGO

Our Young Zigner logo features a bold and youthful lion, symbolizing our startup’s courage and innovation. The lion, with a vibrant golden mane, stands proudly as a guardian of our dreams—bold, fearless, and ready to lead. Beneath this regal creature, the name “Young Zigner” is inscribed with purpose and confidence, reflecting the synergy of strength and youthful exuberance within our team. It’s not just a symbol; it’s a narrative etched in design, reminding us that within our startup beats the heart of a lion, courageous and untamed, ready to roar in the face of challenges and brave the entrepreneurial wilderness.

The founders

In the vibrant days right after college, three friends—Jonathan Kabuya, Neo Sibeko And Herve Nday, came together to embark on a bold journey. Fueled by youthful exuberance and a shared dream, we founded the startup

“Young Zigner.” 

Jonathan Kabuya
Jonathan Kabuya Co-founder and CEO
Neo Sibeko
Neo Sibeko Co-founder and CTO
Herve Nday
Herve Nday Chief of Staff
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