Rehoboth Farm

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Rehoboth is a farm focused on the production of corn, eggs and meats.

Rehoboth farm is a farm focused on the production of corn, eggs and meats which offers a wide range of products in the market. Its head office is located at n ° 66, Avenue Gemena, Quartier Kalundu, Commune of Bipemba, City of Mbujimayi, Province of Kasai-Oriental in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The rehoboth farm is a family business, founded and managed by Pasteur Anaclet Kabalu, with the objectives of producing high quality agricultural and poultry products to cover the food needs of the Kasaïene and Congolese population in particular, to achieve the objectives of sustainable development ( ODD).

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Concept & Development

I was approached by the farm management team to come up with concepts to help bring the farming culture through to the digital space. The primary goal for me was to create a design that focused on usability first as the user group could have a varied skill level when using the site. I started putting together a concept that is straight forward with easy navigation but clean.

During the development process my main goal was making sure that the site remains responsive on all the supported devices and work well on all supported browsers.