Steps worldwide is an online fashion store featuring all the latest and exclusive trends in the world of fashion. We were entrusted with the task of designing and building an interactive website, which included a short film and photoshoot.

An improved user experience and a refined customer flow were the desired areas for improvement, in an effort to increase conversion rates.

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Stepsworldwide mobile


We began with a deep study of the market to a fresh concept that contributes to our client ambitions.
With the help of steps worldwide team, we determined what information was most relevant, and what needed to be highlighted in the site’s limited space.

Prototypes were produced, with focus on speed and experience that gives users the ability to view the details of the finest products.

Using neutral colours and legible typography, we ensured the user could access and view the products in more detail. Making use of different point of perspective in order to build our clients trust and confidence in the products and brand.

We provided the user multiple ways to have access and buy the products of their choices and collect important customer details, within a simple designed checkout process.


Designing a website for an online store is all about the user experience, with wich refinements were made throughout the design of the site to have a big impact on conversions.

The presentation of the products were the main focus for this eCommerce website. We also wanted to give the user as much freedom as possible when exploring the product. Having a neutral and light colours palette ensured that the images stood out, at the same time prevent the colours of the websites from interfering with the user’s focus. We created a different approach of viewing product; such that we have two cover images and 4 content images to ascertain that the user has a detailed view of each product.

Animated aspects feature throughout the site to improve the users online experience.


Due to the rich content of the site, it was vital to build a responsive navigation system to guide users throughout the site. Our aim was to help both the users and the site with the overall experience. Enhancements were brought to the shopping bag and order was restored to the navigation by placing key content area’s in prime positions.