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Viyb is a social app, that allows you to share your thoughts in unique way and stay connected to people around you. 

Viyb keep you synched with all the vibes around your community, city and  friends and family, share your thought with people around you. We take a unique approach by acknowledging the main cause for war, community division, tribalism, xenophobia etc is lack of communication. 

Embark on your Viyb adventure by following people that interest you, and be in the loop as you are constantly kept informed through their feeds. You have the power to like, dislike and comment on any feed

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Viyb still in beta version for now you can create a  Text or Photos  feed. Photos can be shared from your gallery, or you can opt to take a new one with your camera directly in the Viyb app.

We believe no voice should be louder than the other, we make use of no algorithms to restrict, promote or push content to your face, share your vibe and everyone that follows you will see it.

We have more features coming this fall with our first version that will help you share your Viyb in fun and pleasing way.

You can expect the following feature in the first version, this will  allows you to truly share your vibe

Design and Concept

The main goal was to design an app that could be used by anyone of any age or any background. By using new design trades a fresh concept was Drafted with a focus on feed content.

I wanted the Message page design to be easy to understand that why i spent a lot of time working on that page, the result was a cute message system with cool sound effect. I made use of borders on profile image to state user status, if the user is online the border is blue, away the border is orange, and offline the border is grey.

With the simplicity of the App we knew, it was capital to have a self-explanatory visual language

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