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Getting lost by accident, should not be an option and if you’re traveling to a city where you won’t have your own car then, public transit can be a puzzling challenge. Especially if you’re trying to use taxis and buses, which are always nerve rocking.

In Our city of Joburg the use of public transport system for anything requires an expert knowledge of the unwritten lore of hand signs indicating which taxi is travelling where, and an understanding of the various routes and how they intersect

Wer2 is a public transport application that lets you get realtime information such as scheduled bus times, public taxi routes, train times and locations from which you can board your transportation

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Concept & Development

We spent many days planning an overall concept of the app, from the login page to the search engine and making sure that every small details was concided.

With the simplicity of the App we knew it was capital to have a self-explanatory visual language. For this, we leveraged the use of icons. A set of icons that define all the features the app has to offer was created. We work conjointly with all the department of the company, to ensure that the App exceed expectations, no matter which device you viewed it on

Wer2 has an easy & user friendly system for anyone with zero knowledge to operate the public transport system. This is as easy as making a call from your phone.

Users simply put in their location and destination, select what type of transportation they want to use (taxi, bus, train) and the app will do the rest generating several public transport route which the commuter can then choose from.



Getting transport data for the entire city of Johannesburg has been the biggest challenge we had to face, after some twists and turns few areas and routes were chosen as the basis for proof of concept and served as the testing grounds for the validity, accuracy, and relevancy of the application.

After months of hard work, we launghed wer2 App beta version in stores. Download Wer2 today and experience the trip for what it really is, an experience that allows you to take in the journey. You will have one less thing to worry about with your trusty Wer2.

We believe wer2 will encourage more people to use public transport as the first means of transport.

We strongly believe taht, public investments in mass transit can make urban economy more efficient by enhancing employers’ access to a larger labor pool at lower transport costs.

Tools & Technologies